Terminator X Speaks With His Hands.

it has just come to my attention that there is to be a Cultural Feast at the end of the month at the Pointe-à-Callière Museum in the Old Port. i will admit that in my initial skepticism i was going to write:

“…which i guess is going to consist of a bunch of food vendors from Various Cultures (read: non-white) who make up the rich tapestry of immigrant cultures that Québec on the whole resents and antagonizes (see: Bill 94, aka This Niqab B.S.)

but having read the press release (see the PACMusee website) i must report, foot tentatively in mouth, that it actually looks pretty badass, involving international culinary representation (i don’t know where the Jamaica Jerk Pitt is, but i intend to find out) as well as featuring presentations/demos on “New Culinary Trends” such as molecular gastronomy, slow and raw food, and beer & food pairing. also klezmer music?

so anyone want to go with me? ‘cos i’m gonna.

be aware that this is the same weekend as the Montréal Anarchist Bookfair and the Buried Inside/Ensorcelor show, which means that weather-permitting, this could make for a good solid weekend of gastronomic excess-radical lit-heavy metal-daytime drinking and general skiddiness, of precisely the tone and timbre that i endorse.

note: i know that last time i exhorted people to come with me to a PAC-food-related event, you never heard about it again, for which i apologize. so as a gesture of good faith, i now offer my (totally useful) review of the 2008 18th Century Public Market:


“A Little Ruling, A Little Mediocre”

the Marché Public of the last post, i mean. there were lots of booths discussing and demonstrating various sorts of artisanal works and skillsets of the french settlers, including one where you got to practice writing with a quill and ink, and one where a haggard and bellicose old frenchman talked about how the farmers hated going to town because it was full of thieves, but the king would force them anyway, under threat of goon violence.

but not nearly enough snacks. there were lamb sausages, and some firepit-baked bread, and i bought a bottle of spruce beer and paid a buck for a shot of elderberry liqueur, but that about sums up the gastronomic highlights. oh, and they had some giant cookies. like the kinds the settlers used to eat, i guess. a lot of chocolate in new france.

that and french folk music.