Tasting Notes.

1. CHEESE FEST. it’s never quite as exciting as it sounds, but it does entail a lot of free cheese. starting tomorrow (feb 16th) and running daily from 11:30am-dinnerishtime until saturday (feb 19th), at the Complexe Desjardins. as per usual, it will probably be the only thing i make it out to during Montréal en Lumière, much i imagine to the chagrin of a friend of mine who visited recently and roundly chastised me for knowing basically nothing about the finer (er..30$+?) dining opportunities of Montréal. his point (“Dude, Just Go For It”) is well taken. do i really need another bottle of scotch or armagnac (or 36 beer) more than i might benefit from a meal that makes a singular impression upon me? i suppose the answer is Yes, Possibly, but it’s not like i’m not going to buy more booze, regardless.

all of which to say, if anyone has any leads on good visiting chefs/culinary events this coming week (it’s a real foodstorm, but clearly one tailored toward an income/personal hygiene bracket somewhat in excess of my own), do word me up. i clean up real nice and make for a lively conversationalist.

2. not part of the festival, but probably more worth your time, my buddy Pierre Hong Minn is organizing his annual Korean Dinner/Haitian Aid get-together. affordable and awesome, and not to be missed, given how hard it is to get good Korean fare in this accursed city. i unfortunately WILL be missing it, because of prior out-of-town engagements. Continue reading

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Heads, Eyes, Will Roll.

for my indignation and at my exaggeration, respectively, because motherfucker i missed cheese fest! goddammit. i’ve been looking forward to this thing for weeks (53 of them, arguably) and today what do i realize but that i have righteously shit the bed on this one and it that the fête ended yesterday.

to think that i was sitting in the library failing, embarrassingly, to understand a pop science article on turtle ageing (no, seriously) when i could have been stuffing my head with fou de roi! bleu d’elizabeth! it’s inexcusable, and combined with my failure to buy that shirt with the skeleton-mages just hangin’ out, carousin’, drinking wine (blood, even?) and having a sweet time, qualifies this weekend as a pretty unequivocal write-off.

so, having sworn earlier today to stay angry – at myself for not writing down the date, and, brattily, at the Montréal en Lumière scheduling committee for putting it on a date that i would forget to write down – for The Rest Of My Life (which appears to have dissipated mostly. the anger, i mean. my life is only moderately dissipate), i can at least try to mitigate the damage somewhat by reminding all y’all that the Carrefour des Saveurs/Crossroads of Flavour has not yet passed. this is a (presumably inferior, as it concerns things other than cheese) showcase of Quebec gastronomy, and too promises samples, and it’s a good thing, because without the prospect of bread and wine to glut the ole maw of death, i’d probably be vomiting and rypophaging my own gall ‘n’ rage for a good while to come.

which, btw, segues nicely into a couple of new ARCHAIC FOOD WORDS that i won’t tell you about for a few days because you know, satisfaction is the death of desire and all.

The Details:

@ the Complexe Desjardins
(Place-des-Arts Metro, 150 Ste-Catherines O)
tues feb 23rd – sat feb 27th
tue/wed 11-6, thur/fri 11-8, sat 11-5