About Town.


turns out Montréal has a gin bar? to be more specific, a “pub festif et gourmand”/gin bar, that is nestled in part of the outer edifice of the Jean Talon market. it’s called Le Pourvoyeur, and while they strangely have nothing about the gin focus on their website, it’s all over the windows of the bar itself, and i’m definitely stoked to check it out. similarly perplexing, they haven’t yet uploaded any menus, although i liked what i saw posted when i passed by – bison or lamb burgers, poutine classique or galvaude (with a duck confit option). i assume the portions are modest, because it wasn’t too pricey. anyway, this is going on my TO DO list along with the duck wings and/or smoked duck rillette at Brouepub Brouhaha.

gonna do it. do it all.

gonna get me a gin caesar.

(speaking thereof, i had a really standup gin caesar at the opening night of Bar Notre Dame de Quilles (32 beaubien east), made with Preservation Society‘s brilliant caesar celery. do it. go. drink. bowl.)