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If You Ever Need Self Validation, Just Meet Me In The Alley By The Railway Station

so the food fair thing was okay. “Only okay,” i say to people when they ask, “not great, not bad, about what i expected.” this is a response carefully calculated to numb any further curiosity they might have, so i needn’t go into what i have already decided are the uninteresting finer details of the experience, beyond such cursory reportage as it being mostly food vendors representing restaurants in the vicinity of the Old Port, who i imagine had to pay through their already rent-ravaged noses for the privilege, and accordingly there were very few free samples, but some inoffensively priced portions to be had.

note to the Senegalese people, however: most people don’t know what you eat in Senegal, and thus are unlikely to pay 10$ for the privilege. maybe a five dollar plate, people? i still have no idea.

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