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Attention Dorks (Wine or Otherwise):


is anyone interested in chipping in on a case of CATAVELA with me? it’s from Giulio Armani, a small natural wine producer in Emilia-Romagna, who also makes the phenomenal DINAVOLINO. it’s a vin orange, which i’ve written about a little elsewhere, but in short means it’s a white wine that’s macerated on skins for a while and takes on some weird-ass flavours. in this case, it’s quite dry and even tannic, but with some interesting apricot on the nose.

a little about Denavolo here (they don’t list the catavela, which is the new bottling, slightly less intense/refined than their other wines): http://savioselections.com/selections-italy-denavolo.php

anyway, it’s 22$/bottle, but it’s only available in a case of 12, and you know, i’m actually not made of money, despite the fact that i am posting about private wine importation right now. like a boss.

any takers?