spirit possession

My Original Title Was “I May Be A Worthless Piece of Crap, But I Know A Good Outsider Wine When I Smell One”


here’s a piece i wrote about the new(ish) Joe Beef wine bar Vin Papillon, for CULT Montreal:

(i didn’t choose the title, fyi, in case you were thinking it didn’t sound like me. i think the “almost perfect wine bar” would have to look a lot more like La Feria from Fassbinder’s Querelle, play way more black metal, and be open for lunch.)

i don’t really talk about what i drank in the article (why would i?), but right now they have a really stellar Barolo Chinato for like 7$ that i recommend you check out if you like chinotto, warm super-autumnal reds, or the wide wide world of vermouths and affiliates. it truly tastes like the middle ground between amarone and amaro, the phonic similarities of which i am reasonably sure are totally coincidental.