Would You Wear Berries In Your Hair, For This Battalion of Lovers?

winter salad


because the onset of winter (however fitful) tends to get me excited about everything again, i’m going to get back to now and again just posting food i make for myself that i’m happy with, or think i learned something from. you know, like some kind of a”food blog” or something.

today: chicory salad with smoked turkey, fennel, cranberries, avocado, and madagascar green peppercorns,

i had never tried smoked turkey (we’re talking a whole smoked bird, not some deli meat shit), but a friend came over the other night with FOUR smoked turkey carcasses that still had a load of scrap meat on them, so we scavenged what we could* then hucked some potatoes and celery and onions in there, and had ourselves a stew.

this morning, i sautéed some turkey scraps and skin bits in bacon fat, because i figured smoked turkey + smokey bacon = duh, along with some halved cranberries and some of those  fresh green madagascar peppercorns, which are not too expensive and really just liven the shit out of things (i’m thinking there’s got to be a good use for the cloudy brine they come in, too. pepper martinis? hit me back on this). they have an almost ginny quality, i find, which is probably much more of a gin-having-a-green-peppercorn quality sort of thing, but they go tremendously well with bacon and like cured meat fats.** the cranberries were good, although i might have quartered, rather than halved them, because when you hit a whole half it was a little aggressively on the tart side. dried cranberries might actually be preferable, but that could also turn out too sweet. i originally did this with just olive oil and lemon juice, but decided to add some white wine vinegar for depth.

the avocado was just there because it was on sale, and i have a soft spot for combining fats. a soft spot called my gut.

* in the process i was struck by how useful it would be to have a cool “meat scraping glove” with metal claws that one could use for just such carcass work.

** i knew i had talked about these somewhere before; it turns out it was FOUR YEARS AGO, in a post almost almost identical to this one. plus ça change, plus de chicory and green peppercorns, apparently.

listening: At the Gates – “Terminal Spirit Disease”, Rome – “The Accidents of Gesture”


And Let the Gut Sort ‘Em Out.


i have just been informed of the existence of macon, or macon’s bacon, and am now dying to try it. mutton bacon? i mean, shit. i admit i’ll be woefully disappointed if The Old Foodie is correct in their claim that its name derives from the collapsing of the words mutton and bacon, but it seems believable (maybe a little too believable?). i don’t know why this portmanteau annoys me more than any other, but it just seems so inelegant. not that, i suppose, mutton bacon itself sounds particularly elegant (“light black and yellow in colour, with the outer edges being darker pink”? amazing), but i’d like to think they could come up with something better than that. therefore i shall persist in groundlessly believing that some more satisfying and mostly unpronounceable Scottish word exists for the stuff.

unfortunately i haven’t been able to turn up any evidence for its availability in Mtl, and am not about to order it from goddamned Scotland, so if anyone hears anything, or knows anyone who makes it, word me up.


this also reminds me that i don’t think i’ve ever had bresaola, nor gotten around to finally going back to Dominion to try their duck ham. i gotta get on that, stat.

cure ’em all, i say