Is What?

Thoughts on eating and drinking. Food hermeneutics. Fat, salt, bitterness, booze. Appetite for deconstruction.


24 thoughts on “Is What?

  1. Hey Jonah,
    I saw you commented a few times on my blog. I used to live in Montreal and miss it dearly.. alas, Toronto was calling my name.
    Just thought I would say hello!

    • stillcrapulent says:

      toronto (and the gastronomic opportunities thereof) regularly calls my name as well, but lo i am a poor and lazy scoundrel, unfit for the rigours of big-city livin’.

  2. heather says:


    I run a food radio show in Ottawa and I think that having you blog on the show would be fantastic! Just think, it would be like a podcast/blog – a pog!- but live. I will be in Montreal this coming weekend to tour Beau’s brewery. Whadya think?


  3. stillcrapulent says:

    hey zoe, i’m glad you liked it! On Food and Fooding is actually my only zine, but i have a book as well (that contains much of what is in the zine), that should be available at Drawn & Quarterly, among other less reputable bookstores!

  4. I like your work, but when I’m reading about this city in English it’s like getting a splinter when I stumble across “Montréal”. Do you really pause and say “Mon-ray-all” when speaking English? (I’d love to hear someone, intent on the purest political correctness, actually do that – but I never have.)

    If not, I wish you would not do the same in writing.

    I bought your book at Expozine and have enjoyed parts of it, but I’m still spitting out unwanted accent-aigus.

    • stillcrapulent says:

      ha. well, you may notice that throughout the blog and zine there is a strong tendency to maintain the original spelling and accents of non-english words. however, if it told you that yes, i do always pronounce it thus, you wouldn’t know if i was telling the truth anyway, so it could hardly feel less splintery.

      n’est ce pas?

  5. Max says:

    Just found your zine on food & fooding at the st henri porch crawl yesterday and it appeals to me on so many levels! Excited to read your blog.

  6. Hi Mr. Campbell. Me again (Kate). Finally got past your accents aigus and finished reading your book. Loved it. (Except the… you know.)

    Now I want to read your blog but it’s difficult to read for me. I know a little bit about design and usability – could I possibly suggest you increase the line-height a bit? In typesetting we’d say your text is set solid. It’s a hard slog on the eyes on a screen. You need like 120% or so.

    Also – and this is much harder for me to say – shorter paragraphs are a lot more easily digested on screen. But that’s kind of unpleasant to know, because it’s a direct attack on the process of building a complex idea.

    Anyway, love your stuff, keep writing, etc. etc.

    • stillcrapulent says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I realize that the formatting can be a little nauseating, but this must be chocked up to my total technical ignorance. If WordPress has an option to adjust line height within a preset theme, I would happily tweak it, but I have no idea how to do so at present.

  7. Andrew says:

    Hey Jonah, I’m looking into writing about you and your work for a biographical assignment. Looking for the best place to get this information or if you can help me out by answering some questions perhaps. I like what you do by the way. Thanks

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