Is What?

Thoughts on eating and drinking. Food hermeneutics. Fat, salt, bitterness, booze. Appetite for deconstruction.


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  1. Hey Jonah,
    I saw you commented a few times on my blog. I used to live in Montreal and miss it dearly.. alas, Toronto was calling my name.
    Just thought I would say hello!

    • toronto (and the gastronomic opportunities thereof) regularly calls my name as well, but lo i am a poor and lazy scoundrel, unfit for the rigours of big-city livin’.

  2. Hi,

    I run a food radio show in Ottawa and I think that having you blog on the show would be fantastic! Just think, it would be like a podcast/blog – a pog!- but live. I will be in Montreal this coming weekend to tour Beau’s brewery. Whadya think?


  3. jonah!
    i love this. hope you’re well.


    • yikes

  5. I just read you’re going to travel to Sayulita. I warmly recommend and suggest you try :

    My daughter and her husband run the well loved Sayulita Sushi Delivery. You can view their whole menu in the catering section of

    Anyway, I just couldn’t resist turning you on to them~ Enjoy your visit!

    • thanks!

  6. hey zoe, i’m glad you liked it! On Food and Fooding is actually my only zine, but i have a book as well (that contains much of what is in the zine), that should be available at Drawn & Quarterly, among other less reputable bookstores!

  7. Yes, I can see it now. 🙂

  8. I like your work, but when I’m reading about this city in English it’s like getting a splinter when I stumble across “Montréal”. Do you really pause and say “Mon-ray-all” when speaking English? (I’d love to hear someone, intent on the purest political correctness, actually do that – but I never have.)

    If not, I wish you would not do the same in writing.

    I bought your book at Expozine and have enjoyed parts of it, but I’m still spitting out unwanted accent-aigus.

    • ha. well, you may notice that throughout the blog and zine there is a strong tendency to maintain the original spelling and accents of non-english words. however, if it told you that yes, i do always pronounce it thus, you wouldn’t know if i was telling the truth anyway, so it could hardly feel less splintery.

      n’est ce pas?

  9. I enjoy reading your’ stuff. If the goal in writing is to effect someone, even if its just one person, you succeeded.

    • thanks!

  10. Just found your zine on food & fooding at the st henri porch crawl yesterday and it appeals to me on so many levels! Excited to read your blog.

    • awesome, i’m glad!

  11. You’re book link isn’t working again, which sucks, because I love your blog and would love to check out your book!

    • thanks! it’s fixed now!

  12. Hi Mr. Campbell. Me again (Kate). Finally got past your accents aigus and finished reading your book. Loved it. (Except the… you know.)

    Now I want to read your blog but it’s difficult to read for me. I know a little bit about design and usability – could I possibly suggest you increase the line-height a bit? In typesetting we’d say your text is set solid. It’s a hard slog on the eyes on a screen. You need like 120% or so.

    Also – and this is much harder for me to say – shorter paragraphs are a lot more easily digested on screen. But that’s kind of unpleasant to know, because it’s a direct attack on the process of building a complex idea.

    Anyway, love your stuff, keep writing, etc. etc.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I realize that the formatting can be a little nauseating, but this must be chocked up to my total technical ignorance. If WordPress has an option to adjust line height within a preset theme, I would happily tweak it, but I have no idea how to do so at present.

      • You just have to go into appearance/themes/editor and tweak a line in the CSS.

      • Tweak which line how?

  13. Hey Jonah, I’m looking into writing about you and your work for a biographical assignment. Looking for the best place to get this information or if you can help me out by answering some questions perhaps. I like what you do by the way. Thanks

  14. Enjoying the reads, Jonah!

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