“May Your First Child Be A Masculine Child”

it's called the Luca Brasi.


holy shit guys, i went to a bar in Vermont last weekend that had Fernet Branca on tap, for god’s sake. which i suppose is more symbolic than anything, but it is a symbol (of love for, and regular use of, Fernet Branca) that i appreciate. they also had two Hill Farmstead beers (aka The Best Beers) on tap, serve their bloody mary with a beer back and they make a cocktail that is just five bitters mixed together (Campari, Fernet, Punt e Mes, Cocchi Americano & Cynar). although i didn’t get a chance to really suss out their cocktail/bartending skills, because it was 11:30am (to their credit they were serving a full cocktail menu at 11:30am) and i had clawed my way into consciousness (been clawed into consciousness?), soaked in rainwater and Miller Highlife in the middle of the woods just prior, but it is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in, uh, Waterbury, Vermont.

oh yeah, it’s in Waterbury, Vermont, population 5,064. and it’s a bbq joint. and it has duck fat fries. and Stumptown cold brew stubbies.

and we’ve got a food truck operated by a street-food-themed restaurant.


get your shit together, Montreal.


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