spirit possession

When the Cool of the Pond Makes You Drop Down on It.


well, in spite of the damp, grey, clammy indignity that this day has turned out to be, summer is here (i swear it is, i felt it just the other morning). which means spritely summer drinks, like pompiers, and Pimm’s cups, and whatever this was, and, if you’re feeling leery of getting daytime fuzzy, something like this: crème de cassis + pink grapefruit juice + soda water. boom.

despite the 19.5% alcohol of Cassis Monna & Filles (which i recommend; it captures the tightness and innate wineliness of black currents, without being so syrupy as a lot of other brands), this is for all intents and purposes a virgin drink. tweak the ratio to your taste, but i’ve just been covering the bottom of a rocks glass with crème de cassis, splashing in an ounce or so of grapefruit juice, and filling it up with soda water.

don’t let its russet opacity fool you. this shit is summer.


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