So Said Julia


it is Julia Child’s birthday today, folks. so rather than offer a the bored and unsympathetic review of 3 Stars that i was intending, i thought i’d dredge up a few Child-related posts from the blog’s past:

Wherein I Review Child’s Wonderful Autobiography My Life in France, and Contemplate My Own Worthlessness (2008),

Wherein I Share My Drunken Impressions of Nora Ephron’s Julie & Julia (2010).


Julia Child Cooks a Goddamn Omelette and No Word of a Lie Changes the Way I Live My Life.

i remember exactly where and when it was i first watched this video – my brother’s apartment in NDG, August 25th, 2009 – and luckily, via the magic of gchat we can all revisit that moment together:

1:16 AM me: i’m going to try this right now.
  give me 20 seconds
 emily: ok ok
  i will stick around
1:17 AM but i want voluptuous descriptions
1:18 AM me: good god she’s right.
  i’ve -almost -done it
 emily: ?
 me: JUST NOW.
 emily: which part did you disbelieve?
 me: mine’s a -little- undercooked in the middle.
  the 20 seconds.
 emily: was it the shaking
1:19 AM me: the shakign worked great, considering i’d never done it before.
  i dare say that if i had, say, practiced this, oh , EVER, i might just be able to do what she did.
 emily: well
1:20 AM
 me: seriously, this is big, i think.

shit was big. good thing eggs are so good for you, because now i eat them literally every day.


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