resto oh oh



it is not often that i concern myself with the business of writing reviews; my devotion to a trivial and superfluous existence tends to militate against the practice. however, i feel compelled to say a little something about the Ice House: it’s not very good, guys. now, normally i know better than to go to such a place on a saturday night, but a friend was in town, our plan A had been foiled, he had previously a positive experience there, and i owed him a bit of birthday indulgence.

the service was cold*, the fried chicken was overcooked and under-seasoned, and the ribs were kind of alien and sickly. tender, for sure, but strangely lacking any compelling evidence of being -bbq’d-. the half a biscuit that they let us eat was excellent, the slaw was a solid slaw, but i’ll be deep in the cold-ass ground before i pay 18$ for 4 pieces of chicken again.



also the place was teeming with douchebags, but i can’t say that is the fault of the restaurant.




* it is rare that i feel compelled to actually express my malcontent with a server in my tip. i really considered not tipping, but my cowardice and fundamentally sympathetic nature won out.


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