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WASSAP SUMMER. (Or, “Amer, Americano”?)


thinking to myself, “it’s a beautiful friday afternoon, i got shit to do, might as well have me up a vermouth cassis,” i absent-mindedly set to making what turned out to not be a vermouth cassis at all, but rather a campari-based legitimate contender for Casual Drink of the Goddamn Summer: 1oz campari + 1 oz dry vermouth + soda water.

this may already be a thing, and it’s damn close to an Americano (it is literally just a dry Americano), but i think the substitution of dry for sweet vermouth gives it a lightness deserving of recognition. i garnished it with twists of lemon, lime, and orange, mostly for looks, but i think this could also do well with a nice herb garnish. mint springs to mind as a worthy experiment, but i’m thinking something a little subtler and more peculiar, like mizuna* might put it right over the top.

and speaking of bitterness, brightness, and summer, tomorrow is the Soirée Cask at Cheval Blanc (3pm-close), where they’ll be featuring cask offerings from a plethora of QC brasseries. a full list is available on the Cheval Blanc website (go to gouter and scroll down), but i’m particularly curious about the oak-fermented Ti-Rol Double and Houblon Libre Black IPAs from Micro du Lac St-Jean, and Dunham’s American Pale Ale. please don’t come, i want to get a table.



* it is possible that i don’t know what mizuna is. last night i ate something and was like “ah, that herb on the top was really interesting,” and my friend said “oh, the mizuna?” and so i was like “so that’s what mizuna tastes like.” but now i’ve looked it up and it is described as bitter and peppery; while bitter, what i had was as minty and almost citrus as it was peppery, so who knows.


5 thoughts on “WASSAP SUMMER. (Or, “Amer, Americano”?)

    • stillcrapulent says:

      aha, i’m so glad you enjoyed it! although truly i am more of an idiot savant.

      have you had a vermouth cassis (aka pompier)? they are similarly refreshing, but i’ve run into this problem where no one ever seems to know how to make one, even when i ask at self-consciously French or liquoriste establishments. which is a shame, because i assumed it was well enough known, and i’m really not (for once) trying to be pretentious or difficult.

      • Interesting! And I think some pretension is warranted in a world of appletinis and pre-mixed screwdrivers.

        I love this recipe at Esquire: http://www.esquire.com/drinks/vermouth-cassis-drink-recipe

        Because I got to this line: “Authenticity is a good thing only until it forces you to do book research on the drinking habits of pre-World War I French firemen.” …and thought, no, that’s exactly how I’d define a “good thing” in this case.

        Along the same lines, Fergus Henderson opened his second cookbook with a “bicyclette”…know that one? Campari and white wine.

  1. stillcrapulent says:

    yeah man, those foulers at esquire just don’t appreciate a good afternoon of research.

    admittedly, i came into the vermouth-cassis totally as a result of reading liebling.

    i would totally drink a bicyclette.

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