the other night at a metal bar in Oslo, a 6’9 Norwegian guy in a matching Green Bay Packers hat, jacket, and jersey bought me a pint of beer and a shot of fernet. he spoke english with a South Carolinan twang that he learned on an army base in Germany (as close, apparently, as he’d ever been to America), was totally terrifying, and took the issue of Brett Favre -very- seriously.

there was also a giant Bathory mural on the wall and the bar carried a wide selection of Brew Dog beers. weird. the Punk IPA was only pretty decent, but after a week of pilsener/lager/pilsener/pilsener/lager/dunkel/lager/lager, the taste of hops alone was like a light from above. looking forward to England, not gonna lie.


One thought on “Osloooooooooo

  1. Hannah Mae says:

    I still can’t believe that I missed y’all, several thousand miles away from where either of us live, by like 24 hours. Am up on the boat farm now, slicing and soldering copper, grinding aluminum, casting lead. NORDIC METAL.

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