Don’t Be Fooled.

look for me last week in the Spring issue of the Montreal Review of Books! i have been flattered with the comment that i come across as much more ‘punk’ than in the Chronicle Herald interview, but i assure you it was unintentional.


note: there’s some sort of weird nonsense with the mRb website whereby if you just look up “Montreal Review of Books,” it takes you to a deceptively outdated website containing no Jonah Campbell-related material, whereas if you look up the same in conjunction with “Jonah Campbell,” it comes up sixth. what gives, mRb?



2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Fooled.

  1. Hi Jonah,

    The new mRb website just went live last week; the outdated site you mentioned is for the mRb’s publisher, AELAQ, which has housed the mRb archives for years now. As we continue to move stuff over, and as Google does its Google thing, rankings will get sorted out. We’ll also be adding something to the AELAQ site, so that people who show up there will be more aware of the new site.


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