a big thanks to all you yahoos who came out to the Food & Trembling book launch last thursday and made it an unqualified, drunken success! we managed to sell out Drawn + Quarterly of all their copies of the book (however many that was, i am assuming, for the sake of vanity, millions), and plough through a quite admirable quantity of snacks and drinks. on which note, thanks to Julia and Fiona at D+Q, my buddy Brennan for driving my ass around all day, St-Ambroise for hooking us up with a sweet beer sponsorship, and a deep and abiding thank you to Camilla and The Preservation Society for the wealth of totally rad and inspired snacks.

i can’t emphasize this enough – i can imagine no more despicable betrayal to the spirit of the book and this blog than had i welched on edible fare for this, and while i was careful to ensure that chips were aplenty (both regular and another kind of regular), it would have been a shell of a ghost of an affair without Camilla’s involvement.

 the menu: 

  • gougères
  • 2 kinds pickled sausage (something peppery and something else)
  • mexican pickled carrots
  • caesar-infused celery stucks (wtf yeah)
  • pickled eggs
  • lapsang souchong tea eggs
  • handmade marshmallows 2 ways:
    ~ ‘smitzons’ (bourbon glazed marshmallow with chocolate on a ritz cracker)
    ~ Midnight Sun Espresso Stout-flavoured marshmallows, dipped in chocolate, rolled in chips. like a boss.

seriously, right?

this latter of these two eggs was a nice surprise for me, as i remember the precise moment that i first tried lapsang souchong tea (well, the circumstances, if not the actual date). shortly after finishing university, years ago, i went to my favourite professor’s house for a drink. i don’t think i took more than two courses from her, she being the chair of the women’s studies department, and i desultorily a sociology major, but she was as close to an intellectual mentor as i think i can claim to have had. we were intending to go out somewhere, but ended up just sitting in her backyard talking shit, and drink two pitchers of sangria and a bottle of red wine (spoiler alert: i did not sleep with her).

i slept on the couch, and in the morning we had tea. she was from Montréal originally, and told me she had never been able to find lapsang souchong in Prince Edward Island, so made a point of picking it up whenever she was back home. lapsang souchong tastes and smells like a campfire, and i was instantly enchanted, but when i think about it i don’t know if i’ve had it since, before this egg. it may be the evocation of what i imagine was the heady air of freedom and possibility surrounding the completion of my degree, but the tea has retained for me a special aura, like the just-too-bright light of the sun, waking hung over into an unfamiliar room after a night of poorly recollected but doubtless engaging conversation. i have a hazy memory of her saying i was the most painfully self-reflexive person she had ever met, and possibly that she was afraid of the vastness of space, but i may be making that up. i think i definitely talked about heavy metal for a while though.


anyway, books are now available by mailorder from Invisible Publishing, and Drawn + Quarterly should have more copies in tout de suite. it’s also available in big monstrous bookstores, but i strongly recommend you support your local bookstore, or request it at your local library (do it! it’ll make me famous!), or get it from the source at Expozine at the end of the month, where it and probably i will be.


2 thoughts on “Launched.

  1. Hannah Mae says:

    Dude! Congratulations on the book! I didn’t even know it was in the works til it showed up on a bunch of people’s to-read lists on Goodreads. I look forward to checking it out of the Johnson County Public Library just as soon as they process my purchase request.

    Also, I worked out a couple genius food ideas recently and, like Darwin, I publish to establish precendence before some ol’ Wallace comes along behind me. In the absence of a Linnean Society at which to lecture, your comments section seems the right public forum. Ahem:

    1. crystallized hot peppers: various fresh hot peppers sliced into rings, seeded and simmered in simple syrup until they get translucent (an hour-ish), then rolled in granulated sugar or dipped in dark chocolate. They maintain their color beautifully, especially the red ones, and the syrup over strained yogurt is the original nectar and ambrosia of Olympos.

    2. fenugreek bread – a quarter to a third of a cup of whole fenugreek seeds in a large-ish loaf. This idea I actually cribbed from a cheese, but cheese can’t type.

    • stillcrapulent says:

      oh man, that reminds me that i sure don’t ever actually -use- goodreads, however much it seems like it should be right up my alley. in any case, clearly send me some crystallized peppers! have you done this? when are you coming to visit, anyway?

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