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There Will Probably Also Be Crafts.


a friend once called me up to ask for advice on what to prepare for her catering gig at Puces Pop that would be vegan, accessible, and non-boring. i don’t remember what i told her, or what she ended up doing, but thinking back, two things strike me:

1) i have trouble believing that she, one of the handful of people whom as both cooks and just plain people i can only ever look at while squinting a little for their sheer luminosity and awesomeness, called -me- (semi professional fumbler) for input. i am flattered anew, however many years later.

2) i have never been to Puces Pop. i don’t know why, really, since i go to Expozine every year and last time i came away with a jar of jam, a mixtape, and a homemade Christmas tree ornament, so really the Puces people are doing me the favour of cutting out the middle man of, you know, literature.

so i’m gonna. and lucky for me/you it’s NEXT WEEKEND (june 4th & 5th, at the Église St Enfant de Jésus, corner of st dom & st joseph). and while you are there, you should look into the delicious frigging pickles and jams and other preserves that will be on offer from The Preservation Society, who are awesome (also perhaps in that aforementioned handful, even). I’ve had their pickled cherry peppers and brussels sprouts, and look forward to the grapefruit-rhubarb marmalade, that i will happily consume in spite of my general preference for white over all other forms of grapefruit. because rhubarb, y’all. get it while it hurts.


2 thoughts on “There Will Probably Also Be Crafts.

  1. white grapefruit! why didn’t you just say? i make that too! you could get a jar of that and a jar of straight rhubarb jam and just mix them together. there is a solution for everything…

    • stillcrapulent says:

      oh! and it just occurred to me that i wrote and scheduled this post before i tasted the jam you already gave me, which of course is delicious!

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