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I was sitting there with friend and he’s like ‘Aziz, what you’ve been up to in L.A.?’ and I said – ‘Shut up. Because 50 Cent is sitting over there and i need to hear everything he says’. 50 Cent did not disappoint. Okay. He ordered a grapefruit soda, right. Waiter brings him grapefruit soda. And 50 Cent said the greatest thing anyone could ever say when you see a grapefruit soda. He looks at the waiter and goes – ’Why isn’t this purple?’ And it took me a few seconds and then I realized – Oh my God. 50 Cent has no idea what a grapefruit is. I couldn’t believe it. I was like ‘Everybody in restaurant you need to shup up right now because a waiter is about to explain to a grown man what a grapefruit is!’ I just couldn’t believe it! How does he not know what a grapefruit is? He’s been rich for so long. He must’ve run into a grapefruit every now and then. I do ‘okay’ and I see grapefruit at least every other day.

— Aziz Ansari

* * *

this kind of reminds me of this time i was on a date with someone and they didn’t know what a brussel sprout was. except i don’t think they were fabulously rich.


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