you know what’s nice about finding new snacks at random indian/latin american/middle eastern/caribbean grocery stores? the fact that you don’t and probably won’t ever have to be exposed to advertising for them. if Doritos was like WHOAAA CHECK IT OUT, WE’RE ROLLING UP OUR CHIPS INTO LITTLE TUBES, WHAAYAAAAAAAAAAAAA, i would not want to hear about it, see it on billboards, be solicited to enter some contest whereby i could name or design or have my DNA incorporated into this new product.

however, stumbling upon something like Takis, in the market down the street, i’m like “Hey, mystery snack! Sign me up!” and it turns out they’re pretty good. these ones, the fuego (hot chili and lime) are almost a little too intense, but not in that revolting hyperchemical, test-tube cheese sort of way that most such things fall prey to. they really just taste spicy and intensely limey, intensely acidic, which can grow abrasive over time (although i don’t even eat salt & vinegar chips anymore, so what do i know?). they are -astonishingly- bright red, but i (fooling myself, most likely) am choosing to attribute this to the possible presence of achiote therein, which would be consistent with them being nigh-fluorescent, somewhat astringent, and (also possibly) Mexican.

i may not ever buy them again, but don’t mistake that for a negative review, and i am curious about their salsa brava and guacamole* flavours.

if you live in Saint Henri, you can find them at Jaffna Spiceland and Fruits (5084 notre dame O.), if not, i assume you can find them elsewhere.

* this sentence highlights the risks of getting into the habit of italicizing non-english words. where does one stop? what claims to consistency? why brie de melun but not brie in a generic sense? it seems fine to highlight salsa brava and fuego, but guacamole just seems pretentious somehow, as if i had just gotten back from Cancun and insisted on pronouncing it huacamole.

no mas.


2 thoughts on “Fuego!

    • stillcrapulent says:

      do so, i’d love to read it! there are a few more chip posts throughout the annals of stillcrapulent, some domestic, and a handful from the ad hoc chip tour we did of marseilles..

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