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This and That.



after having sat through the unwatchable Bottle Shock (poor Alan Rickman. i almost refused to watch the new Star Trek just because i didn’t think i could look at that lumpy surf jock’s face* for 2 more hours.) and the first 25 minutes of the much more watchable Sideways, i gotta ask, can’t someone make a movie about wine people that doesn’t make them look like assholes?

there is, of course, a ready and obvious retort to this**, the justice of which i am prepared to admit, but surely that can not exhaust all possibilities? absurd is fine, sad and/or moronic need not be the only way?

i’m thinking something like Nashville combined with Brideshead Revisited (the BBC miniseries, not the 2008 film, which obviously nobody saw), but about wine. although i suppose that would basically just be Gosford Park, but about wine. oh well.




i’ve mentioned the new AMB/Au Maître Brasseur before, re: their IPA, but just this past week i had the chance to try some of their other beers and was pleasantly surprised by the rousse. generally my relationship to rousses is an unbroken cycle of forgetting how i feel about x brewery’s rousse, buying it so i’ll know, disliking it, and immediately forgetting the experience. it has at least gone on long enough by now that i experience a sort of muscular reticence when faced with rousse, but as it turns out AMB’s offering is quite drinkable, and a little hoppy, making good on the reputation of the rousses for being a little on the bitter side, and being more likely than many on offer to taste like a beer. and that, effectively, is what the AMB rousse does: allows one to say, upon being asked how it is, “It tastes like a beer.”

as opposed to what one is often forced to respond: “I don’t know. You know, it’s a beer, a beer i guess.”

their noire, while nothing to cry out about, is also not bad. sort of along the lines of a St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stoute light. for when you want a stout but don’t quite want to make a meal of it.




i had a dream last night in which i recall standing in a grocery store trying to decide whether i thought it was feasible to make tomato soup out of a bottle of V8 juice.




* speaking of faces, Greil Marcus as a music writer (especially on Sly and the Family Stone and The Band, respectively) is a demi-giant, on Bill Pullman’s Face, he can help us forgive the mytho-poetic excesses of cultural studies, whether we should or not.

** wine people are assholes.


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