Food Not Bombs, Solar Baking.


yet another thing i’ll be missing this weekend, but again, potentially of note for any MTL residents interested in food politics, bread, or doin’ it DIY (i recognize, and revel in, the redundancy of that phrase, i do not apologize for nostalgic appeal).


******** KEITH McHENRY **********

Speakin’ & Baking’ Tour:
“Change We Knead Now! Baked Goods not Bailouts Tour!”

Food Not Bombs started in 1980 when eight college aged activists dressed as generals and started holding bake sales pretending to buy a bomber. Thirty years later Food Not Bombs organized a two month long vigil outside the White House baking bread in a solar oven to build popular support for a conversion from a carbon based war economy to a sustainable solar future. They have fed millions of people around the world and never made or needed any money.

Now taking that same message around the world, Keith will demonstrate how to prepare solar baked goods and give a presentation about the history, principles and Food Not Bombs global campaign for the change we knead now! Tax payers have spent trillions to bail out the banks and fund wars for corporate domination, now it’s time to bail out our communities!


Friday february 18
5h: potluck vegetarien
6h30: Keith talks
8h30: documentaries
party maybe…

Location: Coop Sur-Genereux  (4518 Papineau)


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