Nights Are Growing Colder, It Won’t Be Long…

okay, so i don’t have a photo to show you of the mesclun, fennel, walnut and fresh chanterelle salad i just ate, because it turns out that the digital camera i bought (EXPLICITLY FOR THIS PURPOSE) doesn’t perform so well under low-light (ie: not daytime) conditions. probably because when i was buying it i, like a tool, did not ask about this capacity, and instead said “which one will be harder for me to destroy?” and then, disregarding this advice, went with “oh, this one looks like it’ll be easier to find in the dark.

let’s have a big round of applause for my well-honed ability to be practical in a way always 3 degrees of remove from what the situation actually requires.

also i only found out when i got it home that they also make it in “champagne silver.” wtf? i would have held out, or at least shopped around, if i’d known class like that was in reach.

anyway, i also had black radish in that salad, which i know is pushing it, because i mean you’re eating chanterelles, you want to taste the chanterelles, but it actually worked out nicely. the radish had a nice woodiness to it (is in, of the woods, not, tastes like a board) that went well with the mushrooms, and i used it sparingly enough (shavings, just) that the spiciness wasn’t too pronounced.

i think i am now “into” black radishes. seems like something i’d be big into. it turns out they’re a winter thing, the gros noir d’hiver, the French supposedly call it. James Beard recommends them “peeled, grated, and mixed with chicken or goose fat” to make a spread for bread and whatfor, which sounds like exactly the kind of abomination we have the French to unsarcastically thank for (seriously, i am totally willing to believe that’s good. don’t be a baby.) really, they’ve got a lot going for them: a) “black radish” has got a nice ring to it, just the right mixture of menace and banality, like . . . the “Dread Pirate Roberts,” b) they are spicy and delicious, and c) physically, they are cool-looking, like black beets, and at such a size, consequently less of a pain to handle than little pink radishes. i think i’m going to have to try some kind of black radish & butter sandwich, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and with vigour.




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