We Are To Imagine That Petekurous Ate Mostly Wasa Crackers And Meat Tea, I Suppose?


today i stumble across some forgotten, preliminary notes for an Archaic Food Words post, and so, in deference to the paucity of detail in the original, i reproduce them here:

under the cryptic, what i can assume to be a note-to-self, “Tell someone about QUAG” we have:


obligurate (v.) “prob. to spend time feasting,” “to spend time in belly-cheere”

petecure (n.) modest cooking, cooking on a small scale (contrasted w/ epicure)



the only comment i can offer is despite my initial excitement about so delicate and intentional a term of opposition to epicure, it quickly occurred to me that it was unlikely, given that ‘epicure‘ is derived the man, or at least the followers of the man, Epikouros.


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