product review

You Add It Up, It Brings You Down.


i finally went to Lapin Pressé (not pictured above) this past weekend, which, if you don’t know, is the Laurier East ‘café and grillcheeserie‘ – a concept that i could not support more wholeheartedly even had i a functioning heart. in execution, all that is left to be desired perhaps is orientation toward a slightly more frugal clientele. which is to say that while it is very good (i had the gruyére & bacon sandwich, and a very well-made espresso), it is a little on the expensive side. the sandwiches are a uniform 6$, which is a hefty price tag for something that is effectively a snack, and while i happily ate it (the cost figuratively, the sandwich literally), it provided legitimate grounds for my friend to remark that “It’s funny you’re so pro-grilled cheeserie, for someone who refuses to go out for breakfast on the grounds that you can make it at home.”

which is a slight oversimplification of my relation to breakfasts, brunches, and breakfast/brunch-joints, but the point remains a valid one. i should have been more scandalized by the price of my sandwich, but i was feeling generous/hung over (ready to capitulate!) – indeed, part of my fervid advocacy of grilled cheese is my confidence that it can very easily be a delicious addition to any menu, restaurant, bar, café, satisfying the consumer at a price which allows the establishment to maintain face. versatility in simplicity, right? honestly, i can’t understand why every bar/pub doesn’t offer some kind of GC; i mean, who doesn’t want want a grilled cheese sandwich? no one! and when don’t they want it? never!

that’s what i say.


(side note: the counterperson (by which i mean, the person working at the till, not my friend Greg, the misanthrope) was wearing a button that read something like “Soyez gentil, j’apprend le français” (“Please be nice, I’m learning french”), which i thought was adorable. our other friend mentioned wanting one, to which i responded,

“yeah, but haven’t you been learning french for like, fifteen years?

maybe you should have a button that says Please Be Nice, I’m Not Trying Very Hard.”


which i then realized i absolutely have to have. i think we can all agree that nothing could better encapsulate my tendency toward the aestheticization of my shortcomings than owning that button.)



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