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“Those Sots…Flask After Flask Ingurgitate, Til Drown’d In Their Own Spews, They Wallow On The Ground.”

well, if sot is the worst i am called before This Is All Over…


ingurgitate (v.) a. to swallow greedily or immoderately (food, or, in later use, esp. drink) to glut or gorge oneself. (fig.) to engulf. (from L. ingurgitare – to pour in [like a flood].)

b. to eat or drink to excess; to gormandize, guzzle.

c. to gorge, to cram with food or drink.


to swallow up as a gulf or a whirlpool, to engulf.

how is that for rich, eh? what a poetic wealth! i don’t recall how i came upon ingurgitate in the first place; it wasn’t (i just checked), via Shea, so it must have been through my own boundless (although easily foiled, if not satiated, being as i am one who abhors, as nature does a vacuum, a challenge) curiosity. i’m inclined to think derived from thinking about regurgitate and wondering whether the root was otherwise employed, for example, was it possible to gurgitate something? turns out no. well, yes. well, technically yes – practically no, insofar s the OED designates it both rare and obsolete. so let’s assume it’s best to leave that stone, if turned, unthrown.

i think i inherited some of this interest in the directionality of word mechanics (i’m there’s a name for this, linguists) from my father, who was a big fan of calling things couth, and derived great satisfaction from such similarly correct-if-uncommon  kinds of wordplay. he is also the man who twice in my life managed to shock me into an appreciation of jam & cheese, independently of my pre-existing awareness that fruits and cheese go perfectly well together, so why not jam & cheese? i’d be more ashamed of Not Having Thought of It Before (twice) were it not for the skepticism with which i am still met most of the time i bring it up. in fact, just the other week i went into this little casse-croute in Verdun and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and a packet of jam, and, apple emulating the tree whom i had witnessed do just so when i was back in PEI, spread that shit right on top. and it was delicious!

i even passed it around and no one could cast any more serious aspersions on the taste than could be accounted for by the fact that it did, after all, come from a casse-croute (hence made with white bread & processed cheese).

so give it a shot, dudes. jam and cheese.

anyway, winding up what i started out talking about, what’s up with the letter G? because i don’t think if you had ever asked me i would have imagined that i had a particular fondness for it (although i admit i am in a way attracted to it, grudgingly, on the basis of my total inability to render it in lower-case as such: g. g i can manage, but g? no way. can anyone?), and yet there is this whole slew of g-words that i totally love, which coincidentally (?) have to do with some manner of corporeal excess, often, if not specifically gastronomic in character. gormandize, gut, glut, gorge, gustatory. gulf. grotesque, glutton, gulchin. gore, even.

i say coincidentally not because it is odd that i love these excessive g-words, because it’s well established that i am preoccupied with various forms of excess, both conceptual and actual, but because it seems curious that so many of them start with g in the first place. it suggests, although does not necessitate, some common etymological origin, and in such a way that it is astonishing that some common set, some common notion could have so (un?)healthily prodigious a get. it’s . . . Gargantuan, really.

PS: holy shit, does everyone else but me already know about wikisource? wtf.


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