Things I Have Spilled On My New Laptop

– mashed walnut/red wine vinegar/mustard spread – great for endives, bad for iBooks.

– beer.

– chick pea flour

– melted butter/white wine/garlic – again, despite the ensuing typing problems, i stand fast in my belief that perhaps if i cooked the entire computer in butter, white wine and garlic, it would be delicious, as are all things so cooked.

(this somehow reminds me of my friend Tim’s assertion that the semi-planned obsolescence of most of our communications technology needs to be addressed by manufacturing things like cell phones out of hyper-biodegradable materials [“if no one expects to have a cell phone for more than 2 years, and they break in 18 months anyway, why make them out of materials that take thousands to break down?” – most problems, interestingly, are design problems, for Tim. it’s worth considering]. i’m thinking of something more like disposable items being made out of mycofibres [but you know, tasty, edible ones] that you can just wash off and sauté up after they’ve ceased to be sufficient to your [rapidly redefined] needs. although actually this doesn’t remind me of that. or that doesn’t remind me of this. what it reminds me of is eating bad TVP that tastes like fried-up old newspapers, and that in turn makes me think about how if we’re ever gonna eat cell phones we gotta start making them out of something that tastes better than cardboard.)


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