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Red Wine + Potato Chips + Ice Cream Sandwich = Adulthood?

hey, do they still make Revellos? you know, like, ice cream bars? covered in chocolate? only one flavour (vanilla)? on a stick?

so i checked, and they do, so why bother writing this, right? but that’s what i really wanted at the dep, and instead i ended up with an ice cream sandwich (which is clearly delicious, but not at all the same), because the closest thing they had was a haagen dazs bar which was absolutely not what i wanted. so in a sense the ice cream sandwich was closer because i could buy it up the street when i was six, and that counts for a lot in the last desperate minutes before 11pm when you need something really satisfying to do that doesn’t involve calling anyone you know or acting like a real person.

don’t make me buy a box of 12 of them at the IGA, because i fuckin’ will.

also, were we the only kids who called them Revellos? it’s just a brand, i know, but that was always how we called ’em.


3 thoughts on “Red Wine + Potato Chips + Ice Cream Sandwich = Adulthood?

  1. emily says:

    if you ever feel the need to have one again and can’t find a single Revello, those little bite sized Dibs (these fuckers: taste really similar. i tried them in this week, and – while it must be admitted i haven’t had a Revello in…years? maybe a decade? – the chocolate totally had that familiar slick tropical-oils thing happening.

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