Soul On Ice

if you live in montréal right now, you may have noticed that it’s SUMMER AGAIN. after a brief but disheartening cold snap, wherein everyone was running around long-faced and harriedly trying to readjust to such inhumane-seeming practices as sock-wearing and buttoning their shirts up beyond their solar plexus, it is back to an even 36°w/humidity, which means it is also iced-coffee climate again.

to which i say: prosit!

and i say it like so:

2 or 3 giant ice cubes
2 shots espresso, or the strongest coffee you can conjure
1 shot coffee liqueur (i’ve been using Mona Lisa, which is sort of like a thinner, more straightforward Kahlua, to which it can’t hold a candle, but it’s ideal for this kind of thing.)
milk/soy milk/cream, to taste
a sprinkling each of good quality coarse sea salt and demerara or turbinado sugar

that last bit is essential, as the salt adds provides the sweet/savoury interplay that pushes it over the top into Total Deliciousness. i wouldn’t stir it in too vigorously, because that can get weird.

what i -am- toying with, however, is the idea of maybe crushing the salt and sugar up a little finer and giving the glass a salt/sugar/liqueur rim. how about that?

that’s the kind of shit you bust out when company’s coming.


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