product review

From Ashy To Classy.

pictured: arugula, ermitage minibri, butter, turkish figs, bouq’ émissaire, porto blanco onion jam (homemade), Wilkin & Sons blackcurrent jam. bread. wassap.

the ermitage was a good, basic, creamy french brie, and possibly currently on sale at PA (2.50$!). went well with the arugula, which shit i love. a little olive oil drizzled on there? totally. still further, complement that with some blackcurrant jam? oh yes i did.

the white port onion jam was an experiment, which came out okay, but i think visually and uh, tastily, red port is the way to go. like, ruby port and balsamic. bouq’ émissaire is one of those ashy, blueish goat cheeses (québecois, not unlike cendrillon), which i find a little sharp straight up, but a little butter with it mellows it out perfectly. and with the figs? shit yeah.

my life is wayyy too easy.


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