“Sad Songs Are Nature’s Onions . . . The Key That Gets Our Tears Out of Eye Jail.”

in other news:

1. not unrelated to my earlier pun reflections, in terms of potentially-clever-bits-of-wordplay-reduced-to-insipidness-by-intellectual-laziness, here’s Nicola at Edible Geography basically doing the sort of thing that i try to do, but better. re: the snowclone.

to be clear, i mean she’s doing it better. also, the snowclone thing is far less offensive to me than the majority of puns – in fact, i think it’s a fascinating piece of cultural shorthand, that only really annoys when (as in the case of puns) the form takes priority over the sense of the statement. like say, “(a suitable example escapes me, infuriatingly, right now, thus you’ll have to take my wit on faith, thanks),” where the only reaction can be “what, no it isn’t/doesn’t? what do you even mean? you’re just saying that so you can say something is the new something. go away.”

2. there be millions of these, i know, but another song about food that’s caught my ear of late is Louis Jordon’s “Boogie Woogie Blue Plate” (1947). noteworthy perhaps because it starts out by giving you the sense that it is in not actually about food:

there’s a gal at the local beanery,
she’s a pretty hunk of scenery
she can make a chocolate soda go shhhhhh
you should come out and dig it when she’s working at the spigot…

and then turns out, over the course of the next 5 verses to yes, actually be about food. get your mind out of the gutter, for once.



One thought on ““Sad Songs Are Nature’s Onions . . . The Key That Gets Our Tears Out of Eye Jail.”

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