Always Stick Up For The Underbird.

New Yorker Out Loud has a good podcast interview with Adam Gopnik on Le Fooding, the new (and rapidly, intentionally internationalizing) movement in French cooking. better perhaps than the article from which it was spawned, from the April 5th issue.

i found particularly interesting what he has to say (although wish said more of it) about the role North African cooking plays, can play, and perhaps should play in a revised French cuisine, as , as he calls it, “the vernacular cooking of France right now

harissa is gonna be the new chipotle, after all. except that harissa is actually awesome and delicious, unlike chipotle.

i personally am not going to bother getting into the Le Fooding thing, on account of how it is at this historical juncture still mostly irrelevant to my life since i can’t afford to eat in real restaurants anyway, Michelin-starred or otherwise. except to say that i am annoyed to now have to worry about being so associated via my On Food & Fooding.



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