resto oh oh, spirit possession


this would have felt a lot more relevant had it been posted when written, but so it goes.

you can probably imagine the kinds of arguments i’ve had with the sort of sticks-in-the-mud who insist upon the year 2000 in fact not being the beginning of a new millennium, but the last year of the old. fully correct, obviously, but i had always felt that they made this distinction mostly out of a desire to be annoying, or rather, they persisted, long after everyone and their cat had already heard the news, out of this perverse desire to annoy.

it so happens, however, that i have decided to join their ranks where is concerned 2010 – not because i give two shits about whether it’s “really” the last year of the previous decade or the first of the forthcoming, but because if i choose to consider it the former then the last decade can not (yet) be described as consisting of a neat Ten Years of General Decline, where is concerned my life.

see, if 2000 – my first year out of high school, fresh-faced, full of prospects, chest heavy with awards – counts as the First Year of the First Decade of the New Millennium, then it becomes swiftly and distressingly apparent that this has been a bad millennium for me so far, as far as millennia go, and if i avoided hanging NYE banners proclaiming “A Solid Decade of Deterioration,” it was only because Party Centrale doesn’t sell them, as far as i know.

but if the decade began in 2001, then 2010 is my chance to make good! i’ve still got (most of) a year to turn this train around (which trains don’t do, i realize)!

why it is more important to me to make sad, mostly ineffectual attempts to redeem a decade than it is to start a new one on the right foot is beyond my powers of self-exploration, unfortunately, so don’t ask.

so far my progress consists of deciding to refer to the blog as “writing,” which means that now instead of “i’m going to stay home on the internet,” i can say “oh i’m going to take a night in and write.” not too shabby, eh?

i’m a writer. take that, all those people who expected so much of me. i’m also contemplating business cards.


this was all meant as a preamble to the First Time I Had Pizza With Sesame Seeds On The Crust, but i’ve lost any and all sense of what thread i was intending to follow. new years? oh, the first time was here, in Montreal, at 3am New Year’s Day 2000. i was lost and surrounded by frenchmen (read: Québecois/es) and it really made a mark.

which is why if  you’re downtown and sick of the usual garbage pizza on offer, you should go to Pizza Dany (1237 rue de la Montagne, just below Ste-Catherines), because not only do they do the sesame seeds on the crust, but they have a spinach & cheese slice which uses garlic sauce in lieu of tomato, and the dude’ll shake some parmesan and chili flakes and drizzle a little olive oil on the slice as it comes out the oven. this is a touching, euh, touch for a place that has standing room literally for 3 people (the entire restaurant, which is to say takeout counter, is about the size of your average private bathroom), and whose charm is augmented still more by being located under a strip club, next to a porno theatre, next to a stink alley. or maybe it’s the other way around, next to a strip club, under a porn theatre.

one of them caught on fire recently, anyway, but thankfully Pizza Dany emerged unscathed, because it is literally the only place in this city that i bother to buy a slice from.

happy new year, 3 months ago!



  1. Renee says:


    If you’d like business cards made ‘specially for you (pro bono of course) by a graphic design student building her portfolio, I’d be more than pleased. Just let Warren know or send me an email.

    Delightful blog!

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