The Oxford Symposium On Food and Cookery, Man.

thanks to F.E.B Horne for this, and no thanks to her for not also giving me the 330£ (!) i need for the registration fee. thanks a bundle. don’t worry, i’ll satisfy my hunger with bitterness and intellectual curiosity with envy, yeah, that’ll work, thanks.

hey, can you slake hunger, or only thirst? apparently you can slake anger, which is interesting, but it’d be more interesting if hunger was still out of bounds, necessitating by implication whole tables of emotions/forces/desires organized according to whether they are classifiable in terms of hunger or thirst, thus technically slakeable or no.

so anyway, i’m taking up a collection. anyone know how to put one of those digital donation hats on a blog? come on, i’ll start off: i’ll pledge myself…..7.50$

now i only need like, 497.94$. get crackin’


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