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“Don’t Make Me Do It To You Homey, Cuz I Overdo It”

[another gem from the annals of “When Did I Even Write This?” i believe it had something to do with staying up all night with my Token Irish Friend* listening to jazz and shit-talking our jazz-hating-punk friends, eating grilled after grilled cheese sandwich. lord knows why i felt it warranted a Jay-Z reference. i guess because i do, and therefore you really shouldn’t make me. homey**]

january 19th, 2009

when you reach the point of “I’m too drunk to use my hands,” be it in the context of coitus interruptus or the only practical constraints on a bluegrass jam, i recommend this for a snack:

grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with fried onions (-lots- of fried onions). any kind of cheese, really, although likely by this time your palate is probably insensitive to finer distinctions, so i recommend saving the good stuff. either  a mild mozza or a really sharp cheddar go well with this .

to be dipped in HOT BERBERE MAYO. yeah. homemade or storebought mayo will suffice, just add some harissa and HOMEMADE BERBERE SPICE.

in the spirit of unconscionable laxity, i am not going to bother to sort out the connection between the Berebers, as people (of northern Africa, a substantial proportion, ethnically, of Morocco and Algeria), and Berebere, the spice mix so important to Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. i had always sort of assumed one came from the other, but the geographic distinction described above casts such an assumption under a suspicious light. if you want to sort this out yourselves, be my guests, and i can make a vague promise that this will eventually get sufficiently under my skin to force me take it in hand properly, at which point you will certainly hear about it, but in the meantime. the spice.

i could try to provide you with a recipe for the stuff, but after a cursory rummage through the pile of scraps which serves as the nearest thing to a recipe collection that i possess, i realize that no one of them suffices in and of their….

oh, never mind, i already gave you one, once. very well then.

take as much of that as you want and put it in your mayo. then dip your sandwich in it.

like, forever.

*that’s not true. man’s my Best friend. token nuthin’.
**it has come to my attention that what Hov says is “dunny,” not “homey.” i don’t know what/who that means/is.


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