rant, recipe

Death To Videodrome.

long live the new flesh

[sorry for the sloppy updating. i’m trying to keep up a semi-regular Thursday posting schedule, but you know, it’s spring.]

there is truly something to be said for unroasted nuts.

they are good.

now that i have put my finger on it, i intend to not forget that i believe it and have come by this belief quite honestly, if mostly by accident. i have been suspicious for some time, i insisted upon telling myself as i thoroughly enjoyed my dessert last whatever night. dessert – this in itself is special, as i so often claim not to have much use for dessert, despite my inevitable post-everything craving for sweets, and tonight is the first time in years (years?) that i can boast of addressing this craving with anything properly resembling a dessert and not merely the readyest-at-hand means of satisfying what i view as a perverse and dangerous compulsion (peanut butter oh henry, handful of chocolate chips, molasses on a rice cake, white russian).

this dessert consisted of a banana sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with a reduction of sortilège and bacardi 151 (i had planned to set it on fire, for fun more than anything, obviously, because it’s not like i had anyone to impress besides the cat, who is shamefully easy to impress, even or especially for a cat), and some walnut halves and maple syrup. just what i had on hand, i assure you. under ideal circumstances i would have just cooked down some rum w/maple syrup, but by happy accident this turned out to be pretty delicious. furthermore, under my projected ideal circumstances i would have had the time to toast/roast the walnuts a little (i had already turned the burner on the booze, and i was backtracking nothing, for no one), and had i done so i doubt i’d be writing this, feeling as i do, now.

i’m not saying i’ve got anything against roasted or toasted nuts, whoa no; i am reminding myself, and you all, that the raw nut is not to be neglected, nor scorned, nor left in the cold. that in turn reminds me that it is in fact a fruit or something, or whatever it is (a fruit. i checked. or a drupaceous nut, referring to the fact that while technically a fruit, that the fruit grows inside an outer husk or makes it analogous to the nut, a borderline nut; not a true nut but a dissembling nut. or dissembling fruit? i don’t know, i made that last part up because i’ve been reading a lot of spy novels. in the nauseous hour before dawn the nut contemplate the escape of second treason), that it is a thing of the flesh, and not just a crunchy little snack…not just whatever it is that allows us to disregard the nuts and seeds in our lives. it tears away the veil. the nut is the flesh, the seed is a life machine. etc.

it is rare that i am reminded of this, but most often it occurs with walnuts (which i love, btw, and am from this day forth no longer afraid of throwing in, chopped and raw, with braised brussels sprouts) or occasionally sunflower seeds boiled with rice, or when i read exotic tales involving green almonds, and i am glad for it.

the flesh or fleshiness of the nut, right? lest we forget.

(the shuffle on my itunes is really kicking ass right now. dinosaur junior, arch enemy, the boss, brian eno, thin lizzy and now the cure? what? you know how sometimes you’re just like song after song “what is this crap? why do i even have this?” well not today)


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