i’ve given up (potato) chips for lent, dudes.

you know what that means? that means NO CHIPS for 46 DAYS. that means NO CHIPS until SUNDAY, APRIL 4th. that also means that i’m going to stuff a ham or whatever with 46 DAYS WORTH OF CHIPS on Easter and i’m then going to eat it and then i’m going to die.

and, as i understand, be resurrected shortly thereafter.

in case you don’t know, lent is that made-up celebration of self-denial to commemorate the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert with no chips.

i don’t know how he did it. can you imagine 40 days in the desert with just nachos?


did anyone celebrate Pancake Day last week? this is what Shrove Tuesday was called when i was growing up and instead of having anything to do with being shriven it had everything to do with my father making us pancakes with loose change in them. which was awesome when you’re a kid, and capable of appreciating sums of money below 1$ (i will remind you that i am wretched and old, and thus these salad days were pre-loonie/toonie), but i can imagine it was bleak times for those shopkeepers so unfortunate as to be forced to receive our fistsful of change coated in crusty pancake batter crud, which you know, had also been in our mouths.

no one can take that away from me.

in other news, rapini is on sale for 1.49$ at PA, so get it while it’s, uh, there.

and braise it.


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