markets, rant

Heads, Eyes, Will Roll.

for my indignation and at my exaggeration, respectively, because motherfucker i missed cheese fest! goddammit. i’ve been looking forward to this thing for weeks (53 of them, arguably) and today what do i realize but that i have righteously shit the bed on this one and it that the fête ended yesterday.

to think that i was sitting in the library failing, embarrassingly, to understand a pop science article on turtle ageing (no, seriously) when i could have been stuffing my head with fou de roi! bleu d’elizabeth! it’s inexcusable, and combined with my failure to buy that shirt with the skeleton-mages just hangin’ out, carousin’, drinking wine (blood, even?) and having a sweet time, qualifies this weekend as a pretty unequivocal write-off.

so, having sworn earlier today to stay angry – at myself for not writing down the date, and, brattily, at the Montréal en Lumière scheduling committee for putting it on a date that i would forget to write down – for The Rest Of My Life (which appears to have dissipated mostly. the anger, i mean. my life is only moderately dissipate), i can at least try to mitigate the damage somewhat by reminding all y’all that the Carrefour des Saveurs/Crossroads of Flavour has not yet passed. this is a (presumably inferior, as it concerns things other than cheese) showcase of Quebec gastronomy, and too promises samples, and it’s a good thing, because without the prospect of bread and wine to glut the ole maw of death, i’d probably be vomiting and rypophaging my own gall ‘n’ rage for a good while to come.

which, btw, segues nicely into a couple of new ARCHAIC FOOD WORDS that i won’t tell you about for a few days because you know, satisfaction is the death of desire and all.

The Details:

@ the Complexe Desjardins
(Place-des-Arts Metro, 150 Ste-Catherines O)
tues feb 23rd – sat feb 27th
tue/wed 11-6, thur/fri 11-8, sat 11-5


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