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2 ½.Things.


A Breakfast I Always Come Back To. i have rediscovered an old favourite. it requires a good amount of sunlight to enjoy it properly, but a salad of frisée, grapefruit, and toasted sunflower seeds, with a little white wine vinegar, coarse salt and tahineh, topped with a poached egg (maybe a little harissa too, which can start an interesting conversation with one’s coffee, should one be having coffee) encourages one to meet their day with just an added bit of winder. it is complex, light and refreshing enough to be satisfying, while still leaving one able to look forward to being hungry again at an appropriate hour sometime mid-afternoon.

it’s a good life if you don’t weaken.


As A Variation On Black Mischief (or fuck it, maybe the aforenamed Black Mischief should just stay the Noonday Reviver, so slight is its deviation from the original, and this should be the Black Mischief?), consider stout + espresso + gin, in proportions to your taste. in proportion to your tastes? anyway, i think the addition of coffee implies, if not guarantees, mischief (the way Sparks implies, without guaranteeing, broken windows and an attempt to dig a tunnel under the freeway). so the name fits, even would Waugh himself be unlikely to approve. i hear he was a pretty disapproving type all around, so i shan’t get hung up on it.


Then You’re Standing In The Dollarama listening to the Elevator To The Gallows soundtrack puzzling over how can all the rocks glasses seemingly be defective in exactly the same way (the inside bottom of the glass is skewed to one side, in every case. maybe the factory lists to one side?), and you begin to become suspicious that your life is some manner of Neo-Realist Nightmare. this produces equal measures of pleasure and embarrassment, and persists, no thanks to Domino – the Dollarama version of Ferrero Rocher. five to a pack instead of three, and tasting approximately but in the final analysis unconvincingly like their inspiration. they are more domelike than spherical, the wafer a little more diaphanous, the hazelnut inexplicably more elusive (or maybe just smaller? in the first one i ate i almost missed it entirely), but at least the chocolate is “chocolate” and not merely “chocolatey.”

“chocolatey confection” is perhaps my favourite modern evasion (i was going to say euphemism, but i guess it really isn’t a euphemism. it’s just the truth), and there is no shortage of it to be found at the Dollarama (as at Dollarama’s own fraternal emulation, the One Dollar And More store, which has lost even its own peculiar cachet now that Dollarama stocks 1.25, 1.50, 2.00$ items). tonight, “wafers with chocolatey content” kicks it up a previously uncarved notch by hedging on whether their “content” provides semantically sufficient grounds to qualify as “filling” (Wafer Exec One to Wafer Exec Two: “Well, i don’t know that it’s really filling the space; it’s just sort of sitting there.” Wafer Exec Two: “I agree, after that ‘peanuty’ legal debacle, WaferCo can’t afford to take another hit”).

so back out into the dark where everything looks and tastes and feels, sufficiently unhinged by Black Mischief and your third Diamond, just unreal enough to keep you entertained for the four blocks home, where you will sit with your cat and watch cat videos on the internet, you pretending you’re doing it for her sake, she pretending she can make sense of the images moving before her.

happy valentine’s day everyone.


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