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Things That Are Going My Way, Part I:

a typical early afternoon Gibrone

1. The Gibrone. what began as the fumbling search for a means of using up the sweet vermouth left over from our holidays’ Manhattan binge, in typical me fashion has developed into a perpetual need for the above as Snake Hollow bar staple. lack of bourbon (or any non-cardboard-encapsulated whiskey, for that matter, b/c i am Huge, apparently) rendering Manhattans impossible, a surplus of gin & spare time led to my running across the Negroni. so described by my friend and fellow, a semi-professional tippler and the man behind the Beer Juice Jovi (aka “The Bad Medicine”) as “the only other red drink suitable for male consumption,” and, i assume, very good.

and only assume i may, for, lacking also the prescribed Campari, i opted for Fernet Branca (also a recent addition to my bar, thanks heartily [by way of my introduction] to Misha of La Sala Rosa), having read that it was a suitable substitution. this, along with a decision (arrived at after an evening of so nursing 4 very respectable hangovers whilst watching William Powell vehicles and mixing party mix and baked cavatappi) to tweak the proportions to 2:1:1 in favour of the gin, merited a rechristening, in my mind. so after much mooking about with our half-hearted devotion to the project of Naming All New Drinks After Patrick O’Brian Novels (see The Yellow Admiral), it struck me that Gibrone was probably just the thing, paying homage as it (sort of) does to the Italian patrimony of the original, and being a fine word in its own right.

for those of you in the dark (no pun, however oblique, intended), gibrone is a term of derision – so defined by the urbandictionary, as a “bumbling knucklehead,” or the type of guy “who draws penises on desks,” in short, a bit of an oaf or maroon, one not to be taken seriously – and after the People’s Elbow and People’s Eyebrow, respectively, the best thing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson  ever gave us. i was relieved, using it as flagrantly as i do, to be informed by my officially Italian buddy/coworker Mario that not only is it “not racist,” it also “does not exist,” as far as he knows, never having heard it uttered by anyone other than myself.

don’t be misled, however; the Gibrone is a hell of a drink, and in fact surprisingly drinkable, in rapid succession, being simultaneously sweet and bitter and of that class of dangerous mixed drinks where the “mix” is just two other kinds of booze. it gives one ideas.

so without further ado,

The Gibrone:

2 oz gin
1 oz sweet vermouth
1 oz fernet branca
orange peel, in as close to a corkscrew as you can get it
orange for garnish, if you like that sort of thing

in an old-fashioned/”rocks” glass, with large chunk of ice (see below), and the orange peel slightly muddled.

2. Large, Rough-Hewn Chunks of Ice. apparently these are really in right now, and i can see why, because they look awesome, and owing to their smaller surface-area-to-icy-core ratio, melt more slowly, thus watering one’s drink less then would a couple of normal sized pedestrian ice cubes. a goodly little berg like that above can actually stand up to a couple of rounds, depending on what stage of problem drinking you currently inhabit.

à nous défendrons.


9 thoughts on “Things That Are Going My Way, Part I:

  1. A not-unpleasant way to use up your extra Italian Vermouth is the Latin Manhattan;
    1 part Sweet Vermouth
    1 part Dry Vermouth
    1 part Rum
    dash of maraschino cherry juice
    served with a twist

    I am not a big rum fan, but if you have surplus Vermouth to do away with this is palatable.

    • stillcrapulent says:

      good to know – i myself am a rum fan, but i think between the (american) Manhattan and the Gibrone (or for that matter, Negroni), the problem will be keeping -enough- sweet vermouth in the house. never would have believed it, myself.

      although i can’t say i’m not a little attracted to the Latin Manhattan just because it rhymes. like the Italian Stallion. or uh…..Battle in Seattle. you know, things that rhyme.

  2. miz stumples quiffley says:

    yeah we drink vermouth at work because its weakness countervails the sort of bad cocktail of boredom and an infinite supply at ones disposal. a crowd favorite is “happy holidays” which i think is 1.5 gin and .5 vermouth, some tonic or soda, and three lemon slices, which get scrunched in. but we also have jut started drinking vermouth and soda

  3. blake says:

    The Negroni, purportedly named after one Count Camilo, is derived from the Americano, which said Count found not strong enough for his liking and asked that gin be added to strengthen it, is my favourite cocktail followed closely by a sidecar.

    • stillcrapulent says:

      i had read that as well – and am sorry to admit that i have never tasted a Negroni, but look forward to the experience, should it resemble my Gibrone. which i discovered today while flipping through a bartender’s guide already exists, as simply a “Fernet Cocktail.” 1 1/2 oz gin : 1/2 oz fernet : 1/2 oz sweet vermouth. reputedly a classic hangover cure.

      i’d be more disappointed except that despite my avowed interest in making up drink names, i find that unless it’s something of an in joke or cache of a group of friends, there’s a tackiness to offering someone a drink you made up yourself that i’m not entirely comfortable with. for myself, at least.

      • i think the way to go is to offer the drink, mention that you whipped it up yourself, maybe saying you were out of some crucial things and that making shit up was all you could do at that point, and then let them ask you if you’ve named it, which presumably they would do if they are polite or actually like the drink…

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