miscellany/etymology, spirit possession

I Haven’t Felt This Covered With A Good Crop Of Corn in a While…

.69euro/1L wine = another reason why it's best Italy's all the way over there and we're all the way over here
first Archaic Food Word(s) of the era!

well corned – ‘exhilarated with liquor’

which is to say, stoked on liquor. although my OED does not draw this comparison, Shea notes the antonymy of the term “barleyhood,” meaning specifically drunk and mean. i’m not sure if that’s a noun or an adj., but i prefer it nominally, as in “Don’t even talk to Sherman right now, he’s got his barley hood up,” or, “Back in the careless and bellicose days of my barleyhood, i smashed glass and burned bridges with joyless abandon, lo.”


rypophagy – ‘the eating of filth or disgusting matter.’ see above (photo).

good stuff i’ve happened to stumble upon within hours of each other in Mark Kurlansky’s Choice Cuts and Sador Katz’s Wild Fermentation, about the cultural (as opposed to chemical) specificity of ‘rottenness,’ which hopefully i’ll filter down/out to you lot once i spend a little more time…rypophaging it. has triggered a profound craving for natto that i don’t know that i’ll get around to satisfying anytime soon, lamentably.


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