I Mean, It’s No Pancakes & Spaghetti…

2010 has been a slow year so far for stillcrapulent, you may have noticed. production has been fitful and fraught with second-guessing, for all the optimism i hold for the year. i’ve got like six half-begun posts up my sleeve, collecting dust and irrelevance, but what else is new?

it was in the midst of one of these posts that i was reminded (a propos of what? nothing, i guess) of this old British man i went on a 6-day camping trip a couple of summers back. he was a good dude, if a little tiresome, talking about the bee crisis as if it was the biggest conspiracy in the world, but he built his own canoe, and he introduced me to te bheag, an event on which i can look back as decisively igniting my curiosity about scotch (a curiosity which i can tell you has paid off). he also used to eat patak’s on toast, for breakfast, just whenever, i guess.

which gave me the idea for what i have decided to claim is my New Favourite Breakfast Food (which it isn’t, but fuck it) – butter, honey and harissa on toast (or in this case, an english muffin).

i’ve been thinking a lot about the role of spicy in breakfast, which i believe in as fully, if intermittently, as i do bready and bland for breakfast, and harissa has the benefit of circumventing the problem of most hot sauces, which is that vinegar for breakfast makes me feel put out, a little.

even if spicy doesn’t go so well with coffee (it always feels like something of a misstep), you always feel like you’ve accomplished something, somehow.

try it, it’ll change your day.


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