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Marseilles Is Not France, We Are Told, And Its Chips Bewilder.


HAM CHIPS, MON GARS. these are as far as i can tell the French equivalent of the Jamon Ruffles to which i was temporarily addicted in Barcelona last year, and whose unavailability in The New World i have much bemoaned in the intervening months. but Lay’s has swooped to my rescue, here in Marseilles where the Marseillais(es) laugh openly and contemptuously at our pants and our only defences are our winey constitutions and our wayfarers.

they really taste almost Too Much like ham.

other chips we have sampled is/be: Balsamic Vinegar, which unfortunately just tasted kind of like a weak Salt & Vinegar, which, pointed out Mike, makes sense, since chips are salty and Balsamic is vinegar, but these chips are not much more, and Moutarde which basically just tasted like a shitty BBQ. oh well.

truffle chips.

however, also on the Perhaps Too Much Like What They’re Supposed To Taste Like tip are these Sibel Black Truffle chips, which fuck, yeah, really do taste a lot like truffle, which it turns out may not be something i need, and much to my own disappointment in myself, after going a little crazy on the crazy affordability of fresh wild mushrooms here (i paid  ~3€40 for a heaping two handsful of chanterelles, trompettes de morts, and something orange-capped and green-gilled), i don’t know if i can handle more mushrooms. for a day or so at least.

now we must stay awake until the day threatens to break anew in order to catch our 5h20 train to Rome, for which we may be forced to enlist the assistance of an energy drink we saw which requires you to dilute it 1:7 with water before consumption.

angels of the road, protect us.

oh, and the other day i ate a lamb heart sandwich. just cos i could.


2 thoughts on “Marseilles Is Not France, We Are Told, And Its Chips Bewilder.

  1. Jonah! Emily and I (and whoever else was still at Pamela’s birthday) have hatched A Plan to start a gourmet chip restaurant.

    It would be a bar that sold good beer and Chips of the World. You could pair chips with drinks, have flight of chips etc. Millions of dollars, guaranteed.

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