and There are Less Noble Fates…

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new news:

1. Oh, folks! the stillcrapulent zine (On Food & Fooding) is now in existence and available for having, were you not one of that happy handful who picked it up at expozine on the weekend. if you’re wondering why in god’s name you would ever want such a thing, when you can read it online (and are doing so, Right Now), well, i’ll have you know that the entirety of its contents has been re-edited so as to read slightly differently, and who knows, perhaps better? also there is a previously unpublished piece on Baba Ghanoush (picking up where “If At All Possible, Refrain…” leaves off), and maybe a new Archaic Food Word, and you’ll be happy to hear that all of the mistakes grammatical and typographical that you have grown to love have been (accidentally and much to my mortification) left intact!

everybody wins.
so anyway, if you want one, send me $3.00, kay? or just accost me on the street. or become a beneficiary of the Walking Distance Zine Distro, because it’s going to be free from them in (i assume) the next delivery.

2. i am going to effing Europe next week (France and Italy, wtf), so while there will be a still longer lag in content here, expect upon my arrival to hear about some things.

3. my good buddy hannah mae is becoming a contributor to stillcrapulent, about which i am delighted and excited for she is a clever and funny one and Cooperation Makes It Happen. expect something soon, she tells me.

4. M.F.K. Fisher‘s Serve It Forth is kicking my ass right now. if anybody feels like making mine a merry christmas, they should consider it or How To Cook A Wolf. preferably something in an old and clothbound…


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