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dumplings own love (part 1)


noodle factory! noodle factory! all hand pulled, and as i understand it, the dumplings at least made to order. there are unfortunately not so many options for vegetarians, and i cannot decide whether the dish (fat noodles with vegetables) was artfully subtle and i just a hopeless undertaster, or perhaps just  a little enh (enh being one degree less severe of indifference than the now quite au courant meh).

but if you may or mayn’t be able to taste it, you can feel it, there is a certain qualia – call it care or an undefinable specificity of texture, or just the power of faith, but homemade noodles are special and the recollection of my meal is suffused with a warm, rosy hue.

they also feature on the table what has come to be my minimum criterion for taking seriously a Chinese restaurant (which may be something regionally specific, and thusly both ignorant and pretentious on my part) – chiles in oil, soy sauce and black vinegar.

you should really probably go, and by all means order the dumplings, as they are the best vegetarian dumplings in town, and, until very recently when finally returned to Quing Hua, the best of any sort.

Noodle Factory
1018 St-Urbain (coin de la gauchetiere)
(514) 868-9738
vegetarian/vegan friendly – somewhat
reasonably priced (under 10$ for most mains)


One thought on “dumplings own love (part 1)

  1. stillcrapulent says:

    much to my embarrassment, i realize now that i used the word “qualia” to denote a singular element.

    while i should be embarrassed to have used the word at all, i am actually more disappointed that i did not realize that the singular was “quale.” sigh.

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