Give the Piano Player A Drink, Because He’s Bringing Me Down.

1. Peter Mayle bores me. (“man, i can’t tell you how much i love being rich and living in Provence and getting paid to write about how much i love being rich and living in Provence. these books, i don’t know, they just write themselves!”)

btw, i’m going to be in Provence in november and it’s going to rule and i’ll likely tell you all about it. expect a tone of either a) smug satisfaction, b) starry-eyed adoration, or c) inebriate gibbering.

2. so feeling the first two REM albums these days.

3. so definitely going to Le Gourmet Burger (a facebook page but no website? one bereft of a menu, no less? i’m not even going to dignify that with a link), which apparently has middling burgers, but excellent sweet potato fries. not in the least deterred by the former, as a veggie burger (which they have) is more or less the sum of its condiments, and since truffle mayo and caramelized onions are among those available, the outlook is fair. (believe you me, however, that those aforementioned condiments shall not have an easy go of it, where is concerned my critical vigour)

4. torn as to which version of “Gimme a Pigfoot (And Bottle of Beer)” i prefer. i lean, usually, toward Bessie Smith’s, but last night Nina Simone’s rendition was really putting it up in my guts. perhaps no decision is necessary?

no, i like bessie smith’s better. ‘sangrier.


One thought on “Give the Piano Player A Drink, Because He’s Bringing Me Down.

  1. emily says:

    it seems there are two kinds of sweet potato fries out there, one which clearly comes frozen and coated with some kind of batter (perhaps?) and one which either is or pretends to be freshly-cut. the former are consistent, but dull and unflavourful, but the latter, while tasty, are sadly variable in consistency from soggy flaps to burnt nubbins.

    when i was in Victoria in September i went to Ferris’ (a sure sign of failure to think of anywhere better to go for our only meal in town) and had the Best Sweet Potato Fries of my Life. i’d never really been that into their fries in spite of how much they got lauded, but damn, did they ever pull it together. like the chow reviewer says, it’s all about the interplay of textures.

    i should have – when i had a deep fryer – tried to make my own!

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