You Can Not Believe How Seriously This Has Knocked My Dick In The Dirt.

no longer can you blame your eating your own shit on laziness alone (calm, dishonourable, vile submission that it is) because Julia Child is going to show you how to make an omelette in 20 seconds.


i want to tell you the story of me discovering this (drunk, 3am), and trying it for the first time (3:03 am, still drunk) and how excited i got (very), and how much i love Julia Child (bandwagon jumping my eye, i was all up on this, like last year) but i think the less commentary the better. suffice to say, you can do this, and it will improve your life immeasurably (both in terms of the quick and ready availability of omelettes and your own self-esteem).


2 thoughts on “You Can Not Believe How Seriously This Has Knocked My Dick In The Dirt.

  1. Hannah Mae says:

    1. Oh man thank you for this! I don’t know why it’s never occurred to me to look for JC on the youtube, but this is pure joy in colored dots of light. I am on view #6.

    2. Am currently working my way through a six-part JC interview on youtube (I am lazy to link it but you’ll see it in the “related videos” somewhere) – midway through the first one already, she’s talking about being a spy in WWII. In lieu of being able to find her and hand-deliver her a starry fan letter and give her an enormous hug, I’m going to have a dining-room party with omelettes.

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