Yeah, I Would Say That.

sandwhich! i don't recall of what make, however.

– an excessive or irrational liking for something.

from French, obviously, and i think rarely spoken in English, but what is interesting is the double meaning in French: both the above sentiments favorables et excessifs que l’on conçoit sans grande raison pour quelqu’un ou quelque chose,” and a more literal meaning of “an obstruction or blockage in the throat.”

i’m curious about the equation of having something stuck in your throat with an irrational fondness for something, but on some very hard to pin down level, it has a sort of underlying resonance, i think.

i like the idea of qualifying a preference or desire as both irrational and excessive. is this a liking to be distinguished/divorced from taste (taste as sense, not as predilection) itself? speaking specifically of food, could one have an engouement for a food the taste of which they do not actually appreciate? is this wherein the irrationality lies?

or, considered another way, do i have an engouement for chips? which are admittedly delicious, but my habit of eating way too many and the inevitable sickness and self-loathing which follow should, thinking rationally, steer me away from their consumption. still, i persist.

could it be said of an inappropriate reason for liking something? that one likes a dimension of something that does not ultimately serve as sufficient grounds for that liking (according to, you know, Them)?

but i guess we say this sort of thing all the time. “I like ______ way too much, considering they’re not actually that good,” etc.

i’d like to think that liking something out of spite figures into this conversation somehow.


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