foeniculum vulgare uber alles.

first, to celebrate the looming expiration of grilling season, here’s a bbq recipe:

easiest thing in the world.

1 bulb fennel (or half, should you only want half)
1/2 a medium sized onion
5ish cloves garlic
1/2 a lemon
olive oil
white wine vinegar
salt and pepper

1. slice the fennel into long strips, ie: vertically up from the base of the bulb, excluding and discarding (or keeping, for seasoning, stock, whatevs) the green woody stalks and feathery upper leaves. if the outer white layer of the bulb is damaged or yellowing or dry and starting to lift away from the core, best to toss that as well.

2. slice the onion and garlic, similarly.

3. juice the 1/2 lemon, conserving the rind and slicing it into thin strips.

4. mix all that together, then toss w/ 1-2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar, and lots of olive oil, crushed black pepper and salt (preferably coarse sea salt, hey). this can be left to sit and marinate for a good while, or go directly on the bbq. don’t worry about it.

5. dump all this (saving whatever juice is left at the bottom) on a bbq-friendly vegetable tray, or alternately a vegetable-friendly bbq grill, ie: one that has very narrow slots so that the vegetable don’t all fall through. i’ve used random slatted oven or toaster oven trays, as my bbq (being a frankensteinian amalgam of discarded components of other bbqs) didn’t come equipped with such a feature.

6. cook it as long as it needs, shuffling occasionally and re-dressing with the remaining marinade, should there be any. i recommend cooking it until the fennel really starts to stick to the grill and gets a healthily blackened in spots. waiting this long is pretty necessary if you want the lemon rinds to cook enough to lose their harshness.

7. off the grill, dress with still more olive oil. this shit is fine hot or merely warm and can be used as antipasto, a salad, topping for burgers, meats, just about any goddamn thing.

it’s also good with lemongrass, in lieu of lemon, should you have it.

another quick delicious thing to do with fennel, that i’ve been all over, is to just lay down a fry-up with sliced fennel, onions, and green cabbage, at a high heat, with little to no oil at first, so it gets burnt and crispy, then a shit ton of butter and salt and pepper. totally radifies a sandwich, believe you me.

second, this blog is awesome and i love it.


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