4 thoughts on “Do Or Do Not Believe The Hype.

  1. mikesaturdaylecky says:

    Getting mad DFW with the footnotes, friend.

    I was just thinking about all this “research” stuff about a week ago when I was preparing to write an article on the Detroit Lions. I was mashing out different talking points like “poor draft choices” and “past especially bad seasons” (the article is about their 0-16 season last year) and I found when I got home I could literally type in any of the talking points and then “wiki” and get a separate page.

    Like, not only could I glean tons from the wiki on the Lions, but there was also a SEPARATE PAGE for “Detroit Lions draft picks” etc.

    I ended up with a large folder of bookmarks, links to old versions of their logos and uniforms, past season stats, etc., for use in the piece and future ones, which I guess is about as close as possible nowadays to a big stack of notes and books.

    On a related note, lately I’ve been fearing that the red underline of online typos is the next stage (after spell check) in the degradation of knowing how to spell shit. I try and take extra care to go back and retype the word, rather than just right click and select the correct spelling..

  2. stillcrapulent says:

    ha. don’t think it didn’t cross my mind. anniversary of the poor bastard coming up soon as well.

    but i think you hit upon the other side of this ~soft research~ thing, which is that the facility of the research, and the rapid updating of the information allows a variety of paths of exploration that simply would not be available back in the ole library days.

    although if we were all independently wealthy british scholar-barons we’d just know all this stuff and have to make only a cursory reference to our immense, mouldy libraries to resolve any uncertainty.

  3. mikesaturdaylecky says:

    Yeah, well I think what it really boils down to is romanticism or no (and not even just the dude flying around, but like, even our level of romanticism “wouldn’t it be great if you still had to write real letters to people” or “wouldn’t it be rad to have 1000s of books I frequently use”), simple, free access to knowledge is making everything better.

    Not just for this sort of shit, but like, the guy who Googles “strep throat symptoms” to see if he’s got to go to the hospital or just get some Halls. Shit is off the hook, and basically, anyone half a generation younger than us isn’t going to remember anything but.

    Kenya has a DS & a web book (those tiny laptops) & an ipod, all with wireless internet!

  4. stillcrapulent says:

    kenya the country? or just the president. shit, you’d think they’d at least give the VP a shuffle or something.

    do they still make those?

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