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Faint Praise for a Mild Offering.

Thali on the corner of st-Marc and ste Catherine poses the exciting prospect of reasonably priced Indian food in downtown Montreal, but in a glacial fashion one’s excitement recedes even as it creeps almost imperceptibly forward (a poor poor metaphor, let’s not mention it again, shall we?).

because their food is unremarkable. at least to me, thus far. despite reviews ranging from the mixed-favourable to effusively positive on chowhound and midnight poutine, respectively, i found the experience lacklustre, if (to their credit) inoffensively so.

set up cafeteria style (although less aesthetically unappealing than that makes it sound), i got a perfectly respectable vegetarian thali for $7 which included a choice of three curries (out of five in total), rice, little salad, naan and pappadum. which sounds fine, and honestly, it wasn’t bad, just a little bland. of the chana, saag paneer, and “spicy potatoes” i opted for, only the saag could say much for itself, escaping my addition of generous amounts of (admittedly delicious and quite spicy hot sauce), in spite of which the others still came across as a little flat and watery. the naan, however, was very satisfactory.

if it’s not wholly contradictory to say that i bear no ill will, and retain hope for their improvement, but will probably still not go back except under duress, then say it i shall.

try it yourself though. it strikes me as the kind of place that could vary considerably day to day.


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